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Last post Author Topic: IDEA: collect files in a virtual folder  (Read 44313 times)


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Re: IDEA: collect files in a virtual folder
« Reply #25 on: September 26, 2011, 05:48 AM »
It looks like recursion is stopping short on my system. It does not dig enough. Is it possible to increase folder recursion number?

Also is it possible to create shortcuts based on parent folder`s name rather than from exe?
:) Just updated ShortCutter v1.1.

- 20061209 - v1.1: Marks the shortcuts with modification date instead of creation date, removes shortcuts to missing files, updates modification date of all shortcuts.


Nice program (Shortcutter 1.1) but it doesn't seem to 'shortcut' files in the actual source folder itself, only in sub-folders (Ie. recursion seems to work except in the 'top-level' or 'specified' directory). Having said that I've not rigorously checked the lower folders. I'm using XP Home Ed.

Edit: I thought switching Recurse off should do the trick but it seems to still create shortcuts as if it was switched on. Strange. The Shortcutter.ini file has the line recurse=No as expected. Even quitting SC and restarting it does not change its apparent behavior.

A way of creating shortcuts to folders within -and including -the source folder is an obvious extension -you could allow *.folder as a mechanism for the user. I can't offhand think of another way to do this except maybe with a windows search. Which didn't work at all for me! Maybe in other versions of Windows it works better (oh for the grace of Windows 98).

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