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Nice New Blog On Self Improvement by Scott H Young


Nice blog on personal growth, updated frequently.

Goals and motivation were some of my major focuses, but after achieving a fairly high level of vertical growth and control over myself I have begun to radically shift my focus towards interpersonal development and lateral growth. This website will evolve as I do, marking my thoughts and insights for where I am and where I am growing.
While you may not have the same obsessive passion for personal development that I do, I hope that what knowledge and enthusiasm I can share from my own research and personal experiences can help you make steps towards making your life the best it can be.

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looks very nice. going to make the effort to read this one.

or not. after browsing through the archives i didn't really come across anything that i've not read elsewhere. if you've yet to read any 'time-management' or 'self-help' books then Scott's website will be of more use to you and should be worth a look.

Paul Keith:
Just like to point out that Young's blog is now superior to many popular productivity blogs that have degraded in quality.

Nah, I'm not shilling. For an example of what I mean check this link out:

Personally I feel Young adds a different niche for those who aren't into Merlin Mann's 43Folders and Leo Babauta's Zen Habits just to name a few well known blogs. The thing about Young is that his blog is actually easier to digest than what he writes on Lifehack because of it's soothing design and unique perspective on the little differences of productivity thoughts where as some productivity blogs are more generic and lifeless and often tends to expouse grand changes, ways to discipline yourself and simplicity without really making you think like you've read that person's thoughts and instead what that person wants you to get out of his writings. It's a very subtle down to earth difference. Guys like Young feel like they're the normal person just wanting to be productive and sharing their thoughts while other productivity blogs feel like they're people who want to get into productivity at all costs and are giving you tips expecting you to do the same.


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