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DONE: folder monitor with customizable action

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wow!  i had no idea "log monitor" existed (obviously).  maybe i had missed it in my searching due to the name.  as first impressions go, it looks great and just what i needed.  thanks guys, i am definately grateful.  this is not to discourage ruff from working on a similar project because, as others have mentioned, this project has been abandoned by the author and i think it would be great if someone revived the concept.

that being said, has anyone made or know of a script that will add commandline filenames into an explorer-like results window (where files can be dragged out, moved, copied, renamed, deleted, etc.)?  i was thinking something like:
filebox.exe "music" "x:\folder\file.ext"

where "music" is the name of the filebox and the path is the file to be added.  if a filebox named "music" already existed, then the file would be added to it or if none existed, a new one would be created.  this way, multiple fileboxes could exist for various filetypes.  not only would this be useful for this application but also as a sendto item.  most file managers do not have "virtual folders" that allow you to create holding pens for files you want to group together (but not physically move).

i'll post this as a new topic ("collect files in a virtual folder") so that this thread can be marked as complete.

i know this is a horrible forum to ask this question but at least you guys have some experience with this prog.

when performing a move operation with "log monitor" is it possible to maintain path information?  for example, with:

source folder:  x:\parent\
files to move:  *.ext
a new *folder* was added called "child" that has some *.ext files in it

so the full path of the files of interest are "x:\parent\child\*.ext"

in "log monitor" i can create a configuration to move just the files to a destination.  this would create:

what i want to do is move the files with the folder structure intact so that it resembles:

can anyone provide any help with this?

i know this is a horrible forum to ask this question but at least you guys have some experience with this prog.

-cracksloth (December 07, 2006, 03:43 PM)
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I guess there's nothing wrong with asking this question here.

As for me, the last time I tried Log Monitor, it was like maybe 3 or 4 years ago and I did not delve too deeply into the scripting portion so I cannot help you with the syntax of commands to do what you want.

But from what I can see and experienced, it is a very capable and flexible program, but it does require perseverance to learn with trial and error.

Perhaps one of the more recent users here can help you.

I suggest you browse through the archived Forum (see links below) for some tips. Log Monitor also has a reasonably good help file. I hope this helps.

Log Monitor:
"Questions: List of Topics
List of Forums | New Topic | Mark All Read | Search"

well, i think i have it (in case someone is interested).  i had tried the forum and help (which i found very abbreviated and program options were only described using tooltips without description in the help file).  without real examples it was hard for me to initially grasp.  i assumed that such a common issue would have a quick answer but the huge number of options that had to do with folders and paths were all red herrings for what i was after.  after disecting nearly every option i could find and much trial and error, i finally figured it out.  it turns out that what you need to do is make sure the destination has the following syntax:

bits of wisdom (don't read this unless you actually care):
make sure there is no "\" after the destination path because it is assumed in the gobbelty gook at the end.  also, replace "n" with a number corresponding to the folder depth of the source folder.  for example, if your source is "c:\path1\path2\path3" then n=4.  n represents the path depth that you are trimming off.  this way, files with a greater depth than the source folder will carry that last path information with them when they are copied.  it is a convoluted solution but it works.  the only caveat is that this process will only move files not folders so you will have a skeleton of empty folders left in your source path.  you can remedy this (i presume) by adding another commandline "action" to the stack that will indiscriminately delete all empty folders (i don't think skrommel's delempty is commandline driven but maybe i can find something somewhere).  also, make sure that the action is set to "file by file".  for whatever reason, even logmonitor's own move function does not allow stacking multiple filenames in the command.  go fig.  anyway, i agree that "log monitor" is frighteningly close to what i wanted but i am also encouraged by ruff because there is certainly room for improvement.

"log monitor" is frighteningly close to what i wanted
-cracksloth (December 07, 2006, 10:14 PM)
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I'm glad to hear you have figured it out. But what is even more important is that you have shared your solution. Which leads me to think that perhaps there could be "child" forums on Donationcoder dedicated to niche programs like Log Monitor which I believe is in a class of its own.

Just occurred to me that someday the archive of the Log Monitor forum may just disappear off the website when you most need it.

It may be an idea to have a copy off line. I think programs like or Teleport

Anyone like to suggest a better tool to do this.


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