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IDEA: Separate "Active" Window for a script?



Ok, this might be crazy, so here's the short version.

How to setup a script to run in a window - primarily IE.  But, while it's running you can continue to use the computer, without interferring with what's happening in the scripting program.

Maybe the virtual desktop is a good example, where you could put the "automatic" program on the background desktop.

Is this at all feasible, other than going to a virtual machine setup?


 :) I guess I could make a program to watch the user's action and only automate when inactive, but XP actually has this option built in, it's called Remote Desktop. However, Microsoft has limited it to allow only 1 connection, including your normal login, but a simple patch should make it all work again.

Warning! Use the following tip at your own risk! On my XP Pro Norwegian it disabled the Fast User Switching. It probably is a violation of your license aggreement, too. Please read the instructions, and make backups of termsrv.dll, winlogon.exe and mstscax.dll so you can restore your system!

Do a web search for SpoilerTermSrvNoRestrPatch-1-2
Download, run and reboot, and you can connect to you own computer as many times as you like! Just don't minimize the Remote Desktop windows, or your scripts will pause.

I could write a more complete tutorial for this, but it's kind of illegal, and I wouldn't want to risk shutting down the forum. What do you think, mouser?



I'll gives this a try, but the potential for computer problems sounds like it might be an issue.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I really don't see the legality issue here.   :-\

It seems like if there was any issue, it would be allowing multiple unique users log into your computer - not doing it yourself.
It's a little like being told you were limited to how many programs could run on your computer at one time (which maybe Microsoft has done in one of their great EULA's!)



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