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Tracks: Doing Things Properly (via David Allen)


Here's a cool program for using the "Getting Things Done" approach

Tracks is a web-based application to help you implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done™ methodology. It was built using Ruby on Rails, and comes with a built-in webserver (WEBrick), so that you can run it on your own computer if you like. It can be run on any platform on which Ruby can be installed, including Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux. Tracks is Open Source, free and licensed under the GNU GPL...

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hey, that's very nice :), I've also found an online based ToDo thingy

Keep track of all the little things you need to get done
Make lists for other people (co-workers, friends, family)
Share lists with the world ("My favorite movies of 2004")
Subscribe to your lists in RSS so you're always on track
...and more! See screenshots, details, and a movie below.
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This Tracks thing looks pretty neat  :) ;D

Dunno, why be limited to a web interface when you run an app on your own computer? portability?

I've looked at more online task list programs than I care to count, and have found tasktoy to be most useful.


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