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Best Freeware FTP client?

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Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
... If something fails in a transfer, it holds it in queue and tries again.  Several other FTP clients simply end the transmission. What a pain in the butt when your installing a CMS system with tons of files and don't know where it left off. I have never had that happen with Filezilla.
-pfflyer (December 05, 2006, 11:08 AM)
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no kidding?
dood, i been using this for a long time (switched from SmartFTP) and ive never known about the queue.

how do i activate it?
or is it on by default?
its great that it works, cause i didnt even know. hahaha.

Ok so I am now back with FileZilla again, this time with out the GUI comments  :P I like it now that I have used it more than 3 times.. :)

What about WinSCP?

Both FileZilla and WinSCP have SFTP support, some thing which FlashFXP does not have (my fav+ ftp client right now..)


Edit: Actually WinSCP is pretty cool, a nice GUI, lot of functions, even Putty integrated.. I think I like it over FileZilla :D

Trying to think about what ftp clients I used over the years.. quite a few are now no longer freeware   :(

I used visicom's aceFTP ( (hated the cheesy sounds it makes but the tool is competent enough) and I have also used ftp commander ( and coreftp ( , and those two are still freeware. Or more precisely a freeware version of a shareware pro version. But for many needs they work well. I think my favorite was coreftp (and cuteftp but that is now quite pricey)

Nowadays i don't use much ftp, it's all scp/sftp (for which i use penguinet -paid for- and tunnelier -when on someone else's machine-) so when i need ftp i just use what comes with my file manager.

No tool I found for sftp/scp offers full directory comparison, so I am stuck using rsync. I wish one did. I noticed when getting the urls for those tools that many of them now do scp/sftp so i might have a peek at them again

PS: If you ever need to let someone non technical to upload/download a few files regularly from their windows machine, data freeway is quite cool, since it creates a folder within the normal windows interface for the target. That's not very special for ftp but this is one of the only dummy proof scp/sftp tools I know of (

I loved FileZilla, but had too many instances where it froze up, then ate my settings file--requiring me to re-setup all my ftp information, et cetera.  So I gave up on it.

AlFTP looks pretty good.  I don't have much hands on experience with it, yet--but it seems like a solid option.  If only that over-sized toolbar could be hidden (my complaint with all altools, really)

FileZilla has a really, really, really, really crappy interface and iirc a few bugs... but other than that, it's pretty cool: SSL support, multiple logins on a server (helps with speed-throttled servers), etc :)

-f0dder (December 04, 2006, 06:52 PM)
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100% agreed, though i have found that the beta of version 3 is extremely stable and eliminates all the bugs i was aware of (and is very customizable with the settings; you can make it portable without John Haller's crap).



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