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Best Freeware FTP client?

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While the interface could be prettier, I like for one main reason:

If something fails in a transfer, it holds it in queue and tries again.  Several other FTP clients simply end the transmission. What a pain in the butt when your installing a CMS system with tons of files and don't know where it left off. I have never had that happen with Filezilla.

yes, pfflyer. "Add to Queue" is a cool feature.. i always add files to queue first before uploading..

I'll throw a vote in for VUBrief 5.3.  Set it and forget it. :Thmbsup:  Plus it does so much more...

After reviewing all the apps discussed here, I strongly agree with Imtrobin and believe that SmartFTP is "The Best" free FTP client is SmartFTP (free for personal use and educational settings - pay for commercial use). I was surprised to conclude this because I usually agree with the DC gang. However, other software sites and software distributors I reviewed consistently rated SmartFTP higher than FileZilla as well.


graphical interfaces are overrated
ncftp ftw ;-)


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