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Best Freeware FTP client?

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I tried FileZilla, had it instlaled for a few months, didn't really use it much.. Thought it was quite crappy compared to FlashFXP or SmartFTP, but it is open source so.. well so nothing. It sux. Interface especially.

Mind you I never really played with it or dug around in its options, etc.  :Thmbsup: :huh: I guess if I spend the time to configure it properly and get acquainted with its features I will probably like it..  :(

I can't live without Filezilla..
I use always my text editor to update online content in Q&A servers, but when I need to manage files there I use filezilla.


I like FileZilla better than SmartFTP myself.  Guess it is where I liked CuteFTP's interface a long time ago and FileZilla had a similar one to that one.

FileZilla is my #1 choice! :up: :up: :up:
now, this thread has reminded me that i have to update this cool ftp program (currently beta2 of version3).. ;)

Best Freeware FTP client?


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