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Compressing files into multiple .zip archives with each .zip being independent

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Hi, stisev.

1)  I am using spinzip to recompress my karaoke cdg + mp3 collections and am running out of space on my HD.  Possible to add a "delete original item after processing" or something to that effect? It compresses the files in question and deletes it, then moves onto the next.  Obviously, this should be an optional checkmark, with another dialogue WARNING user about it-stisev (July 22, 2013, 01:44 PM)
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I really, really, really don't like deleting user's files unless they're files I've created within the program.

2) Include a "PAUSE" button-stisev (July 22, 2013, 01:44 PM)
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I'll consider this.

3) Instead of just "working..." in the bottom left, change it to "Working 5% ETA ________  Elapsed time _____)
-stisev (July 22, 2013, 01:44 PM)
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Unfortunately, because SpinZip uses 7-zip.exe to do the grunt work, I have no idea how far along in a zipping operation it is.  I basically just have to wait for it to complete.

hey skwire,
Don't worry about deleting files. I found an app that does what I need it to do for my specific taks (MP3gtoolz).  Spinzip is still my tool of choice for all other projects. Saves me so much time :-)

Sweet.  It's always nice when you can find a tool designed specifically for what you're doing.   :Thmbsup:


Is there any chance you could create an option to use .7z format (7zip) to Spinzip?  If you don't want to pollute spinzip then maybe fork over another app called "Spin7zip"?  Pretty pretty please?!
  I have found for almost all applications .7z is far superior in compression to regular zip and it would be so darn useful and appreciated.

So I found out bandizip (portable version too!) has an option to do this for all compression formats. With that said, I am still very open to an option to have this work in spinzip as I like the interface better :)


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