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IDEA: Till Only One Left (TOOL)



Actually this is a coding snack to myself. I had only used AHK for adding hotkeys to launch some program and text replacement. Now i would like to explore more of AHK to write a small app myself.

As have not done any programming before, i would like to ask for some help on how to reading the help documentation for AHK...

So for the actual idea:

I would like to write something that will minimise all windows (including open/save dialogs) except the active current window. That means if i activate another window, all other windows will minimise automatically.

Essentially, there will always be only one window on my workspace.


you can get some hints from Skrommel's MinimOther..

oh...stupid me...i didnt  even search the forum properly before i send in this idea.... :-[

Ok, i will study Skrommel MinimOther source to see hoe he did it....

Thanks Lanux128 for pointing this out...


btw, if you use Firefox, App103's DonationCoder forum search plugin will come in handy.. :up:


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