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IDEA: Closed Program Bin / Reopen accidentily closed software

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Skrommel's seems to be on a sabbatical but maybe all these bug reports may tempt him back.. :-\
-lanux128 (January 09, 2008, 08:55 PM)
--- End quote ---

I hope it does! As for now, the bug with winodws reappearing again and again became so unnerving, that I removed the app from my system :-(

Could you please include a 16 x 16 icon as well?  Thank you kindly.

Bug: Add Explorer.exe on IgnoreList and try to close the Explorer Window, nothing happens...
BTW I use QTTabBar.
Ok, some seconds later everything worked... o_O strange...
(Is it possible to disable the Tooltip with the info, which process is hovered?)

I just came across this tiny app which is just what I've been looking for! Thanks a lot!

Unfortunaly however the GoneIn60s.exe has NO icon here (XP Home Sp3). I've re-downloaded it several times, always NO icon, just the name is visible. And what is worse: No icon in the systray either when the app is running?!?!?

Does anybody experience the same bug??? Can the author help me, please?!?

This might be a case of skrommel needing to recompile this.. Skrommel wake up!


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