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90% off Automise @ - looks like heavy stuff for Admin people

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Wow, Ben, it's great to hear you are having so much fun with Automise.

It just makes the rest of us who are not the so heavy hitters drool at what we are missing.

Sorry, didn't mean to rub it in  :D

Normally when I see software on the net over the $100 range, I can't even consider purchasing it seriously, so when I just happened to see how much BdJ marked it down, my jaw almost hit the ground. I snuck a purchase in at around 11:45 PM; I was almost out of breath by the time I submitted my order.

Anyone who hasn't done so should sign up for the Bits du Jour RSS feed at to avoid missing any future ridiculously-large discounts available!
(Which I am viewing thanks to the Great Software List's recommendation of FeedDemon)  :)


If anyone feels that they missed out the authors of Automise have sent me a 90% gift voucher as a thank you for taking advantage of the BDJ offer. The first reply to this message can have it. Please only reply if you intend to use it though as it is a single use code that must be redeemed before 13 Dec.

Hi markan,

I would really appreciate the voucher. Since I have to do a lot of the tasks Automise is able to do, it would be really helpful to me.

Thanks for the great offer...



I have sent you a PM with my mail address in it.



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