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The Great MP3 Player Search

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This one looks cool because it's just under a cubic inch in size and holds up to 2GB. It has radio fm/am and voice recording and plays MP3, WMA and WMA DRM. Connects to PC via USB and is just like a flash drive. You can store any kind of file on it.

Color screen, but only one color. :)

Personally, I favor the Creative lineup. Their sound quality is excellent.
I have a couple of Muvo models, including the 4GB version.

The ZEN V Plus seems almost to be what you're after (demo shows color screen, but I'm not sure about FM record).

I really like this site i found, (Digital Audio Player Reviews).
Nice big long reviews with tons of pictures, and latest news.

Also, good, "Anything But iPod"

I've recently bought one on ebay(.be) & it fits the description you're looking for:

The plus side is that it's pretty cheap. (I paid 68 €)
The downside is that you'll need other head-/earphones. The ones that get delivered with this player absolutely suck.

Oh, and it's a clone, no brand name. It looks like an Ipod Nano, but it does not have 'the wheel'

Also important, it uses a 2.5mm audio jack. Most earphones have a 3.5mm jack. So you'll probably need a converter, but those are cheap.

And it uses .amv to play video, which isn't a good format for that. But then again, this is something I'll never use. (actually, who does watch video's on such a small screen?)

Anyway, if you're looking for something cheap which fits your description, then this could be it.

They also have 4 GB versions.


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