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ColorBlender: free online tool for color matching and palette design


I'm doing a complete overhaul of one of my personal websites and I need to choose a color scheme to use. I've been messing around the past few days with some online tools, but I found one that I really like.
[attachthumb=#1][/attachthumb]To get started, choose a preferred color using the color picker below, and a 6-color matching palette (a "blend") will be automatically calculated.
Using the radio buttons you may switch to Direct Edit mode to tweak or edit individual colors of your blend.
Blends can be saved for future use, and will be available whenever you return to this site from the same workstation, given that your browser accepts cookies.
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I stumbled upon a web page that lists the good ones and what they are used for. It is a good place to start exploring.

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And not so much for website design, but for interior design, painting or faux finish there is an AWESOME piece of software called CBN Selector  You can load an image (e.g., a picture of the living room), frame out different things in the image (the couch, the walls, the floor, the fireplace, etc.), then try on different colors and  styles. Now I am sure many pieces of software do this but the thing with this is that

* you have so much precision control on the color
* you can use color chips from all major paints (ben moore, behr, valspar)
* you can then show complementary colors for accent work
Now, I am likely not the best person to plug this partner is a muralist and decorative paint designer and found this a short while ago and RAVES about it.  He constantly is talking about how much this software helps him to his job.  So if there are any interior or exterior designers or painters out there, give it a test drive and post your feedback & findings here. 

I have no affiliation with the software or company.


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