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Does anyone know a good scheduling program?

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Carol Haynes:
Sorry misunderstood ...

I haven't tried any of these but there a lot of programs that look possible.


i have tried that, but everything leads to a site that where you have to purchase the product  :(

Yeah, I need a program that can run on windows 98, to schedule my staff. It has to be flexible enough to schedule split shifts and keep track of individual hours.-Dell[a] (November 25, 2006, 01:10 PM)
--- End quote ---

Dell[a], i had made a similar request here but unfortunately there were no takers.. :(
do let me know if you find something..

sadly enough, i think i just have to make my own...

well, actually.... i have to ask someone to make it for me...
 cuz i cannot find ANYTHING out there that is free


I am going to be working on lanux128's idea for my N.A.N.Y. project. Let's take a look at it when it is finished and see if we can modify it to meet your needs.


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