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desktop christmas lights

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I got this from someone and thought it was pretty cool...

hope you enjoy!


della - you should point to the original website where its from - it's not a good idea for people to just run exe programs they get sent or find on a forum, even if it is from someone (you) we trust - we don't know where you got it from.

[im sure the file you uploaded was fine but i think we have to be cautious these days about people downloading and running random files..]

there are some desktop light free fun programs on the web - let's find the real websites and post them.

it's from over here:

looks fund but that's not free.

how about these free fun things:

I would really like to see a screensaver program with high resolution holiday lights that blink and change colors and look really nice, I tried TwinkleBulbs but it was pretty cheesy as a screensaver and low quality graphics.  I've tried searching for something else, but to no avail.  Someone here must have something of the sort?  Would be really nice to get the Holiday spirit flowin. 


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