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Do you know someone that just hates Clippy?

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Cute little freeware program that takes the Dr. Windows idea to another level.

Have you ever been working in Windows and a small annoying Clippy assistant appeared? We have too, that is why we created this prank software called Clippy.Clippy is a simulated office assistant that, when ran, will hide in the background for 1 minute then popup in the lower right hand corner of the screen and say something useless. There is no right-click Hide option on our Clippy prank, you will think there is no way to get rid of it (but there is). Every minute, Clippy pops up spouting useless nonsense about your computer. Clippy looks exactly like the annoying Clippy assistant you are used to, complete with sound and a variable size hint box based on the size of the hint.That is not all! Clippy comes with a dozen or so default messages, but Clippy can be customized to fit your needs.
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Comes with such message gems as these:

* It appears you are connected to the Internet.
* I see that you have been using your mouse.
* Your computer seems to be turned on.
* It looks like your keyboard is working correctly.
* Your productivity has been decreasing lately. I hope everything is ok.
* Sometimes I just popup for no particular reason, like now.
* I have detected a mouse move, this was normal.
* Your posture seems to be degrading, please reposition yourself now.
* Your Windows Desktop icons are still there.
* Your monitor is operational.
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 ;D ;D I'm now running this guy. It comes up every 20 seconds or so. Very funny!! And it has a pack of not-useful-at-all phrases. Makes me remember ms's office (which i don't use for some time now).  :Thmbsup:

Droll. Whenever I saw Clippy I used to think to myself - what's that word beginning with f... u... um... oh yes -


The Vigor Assistant ( offers the same sort of fun for unix Vi users.

here clippy clippy clippy... * SNIP *.. flipping hate an underfoot clippy.  >:(  :D


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