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Wanted Photo Slideshow on DVD (1000s of photos)

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I'm gonna try the "trail" of ProShow Gold.  Maybe this will be Xmas!

Also, lanux128, when it says "Create a new silde show" for shows with more than 99 photos, do you think it means that only one DVD can have 99 photos or folders?

Carol Haynes:
I think DVDs have a limit of 99 folders with 99 entries per folder

Do you think the limit is 99 folders in the root or 99 folders limit including nested folders?  Let's say it branched out, like in my case, in years like this:


So this would be 8 folders, but only 2 in the root and 12 in each year folder.  (okay I know maybe I'm a bit over-organized!  ;), obsesive compulsive organizer perhaps?). 

I guess I'm wondering if it's 99 total folders or could I have 99 folders each with sub 99 folders? 9801 folders?

Thanks for bearing with my weird questions.

Carol Haynes:
Sorry I can't find any reference when  I tried to check this so I think I may be a bit confused.

Are you producing DVD-Video 'slide' shows - ie. the output is a video track or chapter? I seem to recall that DVD-Video can only support 99 tracks each with 99 chapters - but that may be a restriction imposed by some DVD player manufacturers.

Whatever I can't see anything wrong with a track structure of years and a chapter structure of months.

Note there is an ISO restriction of maximum video file size of 2Gb (which is why DVDs have VOB files broken into chunks).

Roxio MyDVD 8 does not have that limitation.

Include up to 999 photos in each slideshow DVD menu
--- End quote ---

Now that said, it's not quite the same as a browseable disk, but will auto play them.


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