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DONE: Keyboard and/or Mouse Movement Simulator

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It's easy enough to pause the task scheduler service; I can do it in the same batch file.  I don't know what else may not be handled by this kludgy workaround though (moving the cursor with NirCmd that is).

is there a downside to using a batch to pause and unpause the system scheduler? what does that not do that you want?

Yeah; doing that prevents all scheduled tasks from running, rather than just the ones I know would be obtrusive to run.

Noise sends keystrokes to keep the PC from falling asleep.

It creates a window with an edit box, hides it, and posts a random key to it every 10 seconds. Use the tray menu to show it or kill it.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.


That works, thanks skr!


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