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DONE: Keyboard and/or Mouse Movement Simulator

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Here's the thought: A utility that sends artificial key presses every so often, to imitate user activity.  I was thinking this would be a cool and easy way to simultaneously prevent my system from triggering scheduled tasks (those that are based on an amount of idle time), from entering sleep mode, and from powering down the monitor or even activating the screen saver.

Right now, when I want to watch TV or a movie or something on the computer (or let someone else do the same), I either disable all that crap manually, force myself to remember to hit a key or move the mouse every couple minutes, or deal with the system locking when I don't want it to--all of which is a real pain.

I found one little utility, called Caffe1ne, but it didn't work well for me.  It supposedly presses the Shift key every 59 seconds, but it didn't prevent my scheduled tasks from running.

I'm guessing this would be relatively easy to create.  I'm also guessing the only necessary options might be how often to simulate keyboard activity, and maybe what key(s) to send.

It would be great if this utility didn't interfere with normal activity of the system as well (so doing something like pressing the Windows key every two seconds wouldn't be too keen).

I tried another utility and the piece of shit froze my system.  Screw it; I think I can do this myself with a batch file and NirCmd.

Doesn't work.  I had NirCmd moving the cursor every few seconds, but my scheduled tasks ran anyway.

If anyone knows of an existing utility that can (particularly) prevent scheduled tasks from running, when those tasks have been set to run after "idle time", I'd love to know about it.

how are you configuring apps to run after idle time?

For the ones that run purely after idle time, on the Schedule tab, I set them to run "When the computer has been idle for" however long I want.

For those that target a certain time, but depend on idle time so as not to get in my way, I set them for a certain time, then set the "Only start the task if the computer has been idle for at least" option.  (I typically select something from 2 to 20 minutes, depending on what it is.)  And I set "If the computer has not been idle that long, retry for up to" to 999 minutes (the max).


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