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Log Monitor - Great Free Tool for Monitoring Files+Dirs and Acting on Changes

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Log Monitor - Great Free Tool for Monitoring Files+Dirs and Acting on Changes

This program, an abandoned freeware utility, has been mentioned before on the forum but i don't think it quite got the attention it deserves.  It's a deceptively powerfull and useful program.

Latest version seems to have been v1.42, but it appears to have been discontinued a while ago.. If someone feels like getting in touch with the author, tell him to stop by!

Log Monitor is a program for monitoring of changes of files and directories, capable to fulfil a number of actions at reaching the given conditions. Main purpose of the program is to automate the routine operations based on files exchange and also to watch a state of processes, being based on their file activity.

--- End quote ---

Also mentioned on the forum in passing in these threads:

Archived forum:

Credit to patteo who first alerted us to this tool.  I actually use Log Monitor with my internet radio station downloader to detect when a new file is downloaded, rename it with date+time stamp, and then file it for storage.

Hi mouser,

i have downloaded Log Monitor too and trying to use it...

but i cant seem to get it to work...

i am monitoring the temp folder for music download from radioblog but it always say

"error copying files or folder"

Can you help me? Thanks.


is it possible that the music program is writing it out to that directory while its saveing it and so log monitor is trying to copy it before the file is complete?  not sure.

I can't get Log Monitor do process any results. For example I have set it up for it to popup every minute if a file in my temp directory has changed/added/deleted and every time it runs and it has results (so it does the scanning bit right) it displays a popup with [N].[E] instead of the actual file!

I'll include contents of my test config.

I have something working now. Make sure you do a Check Now instead of Do Action Now to test it.
I enclosed Final.mon.txt for anyone as an example

Hamradio was just asking for a tool like this so i thought i would bump the topic and also add this link to Brett's program he made for NANY that is similar:


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