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IDEA: Desktop Teleporter

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Dealing with these issues

This is the app. This is the first version so it may have some bugs in it.

that is pretty gosh darned cool.

some thoughts:

1) add "browse to teleport folder" in tray and popup dialog.
2) make escape key do something from popup dialog (not sure if it should be cancel or abort)
3) add accelerator to "dont save" choice
4) what happens when a file of same name exists in teleport folder - should it autorename ( i think it probably should, at least if file contents or size is different).
5) id love a single log file with filename + date + note of each file moved.
6) dont save blank notes.

I will update it in one/two week

looks promising.. tks tchikien. :up:
btw, reading mouser's suggestions, i happen to have some too.. ;)
• some kind of help file would be nice, for starters maybe an about box with a brief description.
• add an alternate "teleport" folder.


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