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IDEA: Desktop Teleporter

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add an alternate "teleport" folder.
--- End quote ---

if we are making a wish list - what would be nice is let user specify a list of alternative folders, and then the popup would let them select from a menu where it should go.

Hi, just a update on what i am doing now on my desktop....

First i add a alias on FARR to get to the desktop folder fast...then i go to desktop properties to hide all icons....

Now i have a very "empty" desktop which will "teleport" all the things that i drop on the desktop to the desktop folder....and use FARR to quickly access it if i want to...(i know, i am deluding myself  :P)

i have been using this configuration for a week now and find that its suits my working style....

Although i will try the software tchikien wrote and see how i like it...


This version is like a beta version, so I will make an update soon. Please wait.

no problem, tchikien.. will keep my eyes peeled. :)

This is new version. However, the help file will be made later or someone can create one for me.


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