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Suggestions for modifying the assignments


I know I'm the only one who has done any Flash assignments thus far, but it might be a good idea to take a look at the common mistakes or things left out that you would ask people to fix and adjust the assignment so that it includes those as part of the assigment or part of the bonus. Or. . .

Another idea I mentioned already in my solution to Assignment 2 is that when there are things that meet the assignment criteria but aren't "pretty," making those "ugly" things into "pretty" things could be part of the next assignment. Shine up what you've got and add some more functionality.

For instance, when my ship in Assignment 1 had rough edge movement (it kind of bounced off of walls a little) and you had me fix that. It still moved around the bottom part of the screen as the assignment criteria asked, but it was ugly.

Also, in Assignment 2 it suggests to use the spacebar as part of the controls. I discovered that Flash (windows, probably) doesn't like three-key combinations that include two arrow keys and the spacebar, so that should be changed to something else. (I used shift, IT wOrkS GReaT! :P)

And I'd like to volunteer to be a forum moderator in the Flash category.  :D :D :D!

all good suggestions; i will make you a mod when you are done :)


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