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Is it possible to start a program when you first start LanchBar Commander?


I would like to automatically start a number of programs when I start LauchBar Commander from my usb drive.  Is this possible?

Thanks for any help you can give me,
Chip McCann

while i could add this feature it seems a bit arbitrary.
you could just make a .bat batch file that started launchbar commander and all other apps you wanted.
i can't think of any compelling reason to build it in v.s using a .bat file.. what do you think?

I think the .bat file is fine.  I did not think of this when I asked the question. 

Thanks for your help,
Chip McCann

i'm very keen to make launchbar commander a good solution for usb drive stuff - so don't hesitate to make more feature requests  :up:

while i agree with chip mccann, i understand this feature might be difficult to implement.
as far as i'm concerned, i would make use of that feature not only to start a number of programs when blc is started but also to start others when blc exits.

pstart has that feature (in each link properties it has the option to autorun on application launch, exit, both or none) and let me give you an example: when i start pstart i also autorun a batch file importing registry keys or registring a dll for additional windows explorer right click context menu. when i exit, it autoruns a batch file cleaning those registry keys or unregistring the same dll, so i leave no traces on that machine.

if you set an application to autorun when pstart runs, it works ok too (i have a clipboard utility which when started, stays quiet in the systray so it doesn't even bother me with a window) but when i close pstart it only has the option to autorun the program again. you can't "unregister" the program like you unregister a dll, so an additional option would be to terminate process x (CLCL.exe in the case of the clipboard utility) when pstart exits.
unless there's a way to terminate a process with a batch file which i'm not aware of.

anyway, like i said, i understand this may be difficult to implement and i know you're making a great effort to make this program better, mouser. :)

in the end, i can say a batch file would do very well and i think this is not a mandatory feauture. these are just my thoughts.


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