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Got any to share?

Here's a line if you want to trigger find+run robot with double-tap of left control key:

--- ---keymap DLC : pause

I like the following:

--- ---keymap DLS : W+E
It'll map double-tap of left shift to windows + E, which means it'll open windows explorer :D

Hey mouser,

_Very_ happy with TapTap. "Lean & mean" is exactly right.

Your suggestion was actually the first thing I tried, without anything more than a cursory look at the config file's comments. So my next thought was to try:

--- ---keymap DLS : capslock
But that gives me:

--- ---ERROR: Bad config line with source = 'drs' and action = 'capslock'.
That's when I noticed that the comments don't actually include capslock or pause as possible options for keyname2. However, numlock also works, unlike capslock.

Is the handling for capslock different enough to exclude it as an action target? I'd really like to assign all caps functionality to the shift key and free the capslock up entirely :)

Thanks for another useful addition to my desktop, too.

- wu wei

actually capslock SHOULD be supported already, along with 'pause' (break key).
but i see from testing it that its giving me the same error.

checking into it..

ps. im very happy that at least one person on the planet finds this program useful! :)

I just found out about TapTap.  Great utility !  My favourites are :
keymap DLC : pause (I am a F&RR fan)
keymap DLS : W+D (iconify all windows, I like a clean desktop !).


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