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new version 1.03.01 should let you use capslock, pause, and others as target of keymap.

Works perfectly. Finely, that capslock key is free to be remapped :)

Thanks, mouser. That's one hell of a turnaround on bug fixes.

- wu wei

so do i understand that you are going to use another program to map a normal capslock press to some other function -

can you tell me after you try if it actually works, or if when taptap tries to send a caps lock on double left shift, if it doesnt also trigger your remap, if you understand what i mean.

I was hoping to use Directory Opus to remap the capslock (it catches global hotkeys) however it traps it and triggers whatever I bind but still sets the caps lock as well. Not exactly the functionality I was hoping for.

But that fault isn't with TapTap :)

i think i listed some low level keyboard remappers on the taptap page

maybe people can submit others as well.


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