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TapTap - LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.03.01 - Nov 21, 2006

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v1.03.01 - 11/21/06

* Now you can use capslock, pause as actions of keymaps

v1.02.01 - 10/29/06

* Reloading after changes could sometimes leave hotkeys and options unchanged
* Fixed bug where it was ignoring doubletaps in some rare cases.
v1.01.01 - 10/29/06

* First public release

What is TapTap?

TapTap Hotkey Extender is a tiny super-efficient tray-based utility (under <100k) for keyboard fanatics.

It monitors for certain unusual hotkey combinations not supported by most programs (like doubletap right shift key). When such hotkey combinations are detected, TapTap will simulate a normal hotkey that the user has configured.

In this way, you can configure any of your programs to respond to these extended hotkey events as if they supported it natively.


* You might have a program which normally triggers on Alt+Ctrl+F5, but you want to configure it to trigger with a double tap of the right control key. You can use TapTap to detect Right Control Doubletap events, and send a Ctrl+Alt+F5 when it does. In this way, you can control your programs the way you want to, and they never know the difference.
Written in lean and mean C++ and highly optimized for insignificant cpu/memory access.

mouser, would it be possible to allow the user to choose window classes, titlebar names, etc of the program they wish to control?  A comma delimited list or something would work I think.  This way, if two programs use the same shortcut, the user could assign a different shortcut for each program.


can you explain more about what you want?

but let me also just explain where i think taptap fits in to the world of hotkeys and macros.
there are some great hotkey/macro tools (like autohotkey, macro express, lots of others).
so i dont think taptap should try to do what they already do, and some of them surely can be used to do advanced stuff like doing certain things when certain programs are running.

so i think taptap should limit itself to stuff it can do reallly fast, that other programs can't, like catching the double tap stuff.

now having said that, i'm open to the possibility of saying that a double-tap in one program might send a different key than a double tap in another, since it wouldnt impact speed nor be very hard to add.


As well as hotkey utilities one can also find keyboard remappers, like PC Magazine's TradeKeys and JoeJoeSoft's OkayKeeBees.

Your emphasis is on unusual and doubled keystrokes, right?  You're not making a more general keyboard remapper?

thanks for those pointers, i will add links to them on the taptap web page and help file.

yes you are right, the intent isnt on being a general keyboard remapper, unless that is really needed, but rather on mapping these unusual things like double taps to regular hotkeys.


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