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Poor uninstall


I had the same problems as spj wrote about September 2005 (VERY nice! ...but) - PopupWisdom would not save the settings, and told me to Press Menu Button, select Preferences and select a book, at every Startup  - but I did not solve it, so I > uninstalled the program (using Unins000.exe), > deleted the rest, > emptied the basket, > rebooted the PC > downloaded a new > tried to install > BUT got the message:
"..file popupwisdom.exe.. Cannot replace the existing file .. DeleteFile failed; code 32 ... the file is being used by another program".  :tellme:

This is the strangest message I can think of in this situation, and I have no idea what to do next. I have all kind of smart programs to help me in different situations, but how do you delete a file that has been removed from the PC??

The program is (of course) not listed in Win2000Pro Add/Remove Programs, nor is popupwisdom to be found in the reg' keys, except MRUs.

You mean, in popup wisdom's folder, there are no files?

Well, I found the mistake myself. I didn't delete the folder when I removed the folder's content, but after reboot I downloaded the new exe to the folder, and made the install from there, inside the folder. This way there were suddenly two files with the same name, PopupWisdom.exe, and that cannot do.

You could prevent such a mistake if you named the download file something like ..setup.exe instead. I would think that is common practise.

curt you are right, it is confusing to have them be the same name, i really should do as you say.


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