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Anyone know of some good voice mail software?

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I've used call station in the past, when I actually still had a wall phone.  It is quite good, reliable and versatile enough.

Regarding CallStation....

I've installed it and particularly like the ability to send voicemail messages via email.  I do this because I have the software installed in an old PC in the basement.  I also really like the fact that it can broadcast caller ID info to other computers on the network.  The problem I am experiencing (and perhaps you can help since you have a lot of experience with the program) is that if I connect to that PC via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), it ceases to work.  Meaning, I can see CallStation is still running (as it's appearing on my RDC session) and Answer Calls is still checked....and I am remotely connected as same user.  But it stops sending caller ID infor, and stops answering calls.  Is this something you are familiar with?

I am not familiar with this feature, I don't even think it was a feature when i used CallStation over 3 years ago.

I was referring to Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (comes with Windows). 

Anyway, I'm using VNC now to connect which doesn't pose the problem.  I've been using Call Station for a week or so now and I like it.  I particularly like the CallerID function and the fact that it can broadcast the caller id info to all computers on the network (via a small app on each computer).  And what puts the icing on the cake for me is that it uses its internal phone directory (which you can enter/edit) to determine the callerid name vs what it gets from the phone company.  My cordless phones do not do that so I invariably see "Wireless Caller" on my phone but CallStation (assuming it's got the number from caller id and a matching entry in the phonebook) shows the name I've given that number (as well as speaks the name via Text to Speech or via custom wav file)....pretty cool.

So what's missing from it?  We'll like I said, it's only been a week so I may learn more in time but:

* I don't see the ability to have separate mailboxes (though it does give you multiple greetings)
* I'd love it if there were a client app which one/more computers could access messages (though I think I can code a little app to do that if I really need it) or access via a web browser

Glad everyone liked it :) It's one of those little gems that I think deserves more attention than it gets. I've had it for years and it's one that I still consider to be one of the best software purchases I've made. (Edit: In case anyone is wondering, no I am not affiliated with them in any way. I do, however, enjoy recommending software and rarely get a chance to recommend this one, which happens to be one of my most favorite and useful applications. It's also only one of two that almost never fails to turn heads when someone visits.)

I've not encountered the problem with remote assistance the few times I've used that. I kind of wonder if it isn't a modem issue, though. Regardless, a restart of the program usually fixes such things.

johnfdeluca: I definitely agree that being able to check messages over the LAN would be really nice. I figure I could use syncronization software as a workaround, but would much rather have native network support. I already sent them a feature request not too long ago. If you haven't already then maybe you should, more requests usually increases the chances of getting it :)

For those with darker aesthetic preferences, I made my own skin for it, which I've attached. Sometimes you have to play with the fonts a bit to make it look good. (Geez, I made this a good couple years ago, and I think this is the first opportunity I've had to distribute it.)


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