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DM2 - Your Windows Mate

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App NameDM2App URLhttp://dm2.sourceforge.netApp Version Reviewed1.22Supported OSesWindows 2K/XPSupport MethodsSourceForge forumsPriceOpen Source

Before read this review, please take in mind that English isn't my native language (if someone wants to fix it is welcome) and I'm not so good on writing software reviews (it's my first one).

This software is my right hand in my work day. I'm web programmer, then I have lots of stuff to use, almost at the same time.
DM2 is a lightweight soft that resides in the tray, it add stuff that Microsoft guys forget in the design and usability design.

It's what you look in your tray bar:

(Left icon is the DM2 icon and right is the Virtual Desktops one)

Add functionality to windows like RollUp/RollDown (OS/X thing), always on top, opacity, process priority, and floating icons in the right click menu on task bar:

Also you can add custom combinations of clicks and keystrokes for all the functions including align, minimize to tray, arrange, etc:

And you can create global keyboard shortcuts to any function you can realize with DM2, totally configurable.
In example, I have configured Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Z to change to my other virtual desktop (yes, the one with pr0n and that.. jk :P)
And when I shoot Ctrl + Shift + Z it shows me the favorites menu:

In this menu I can access to directories that I define or programs directly from anywhere. This is the most important feature for me, because I dont need to go to any part of the screen to select what I want to do. Just shoot that combination and it opens anywhere in the screen.

Another great thing is the File Dialog extender, DM2 displays a button near the New Folder button that shows you the favorites menu with the addon of recent visited locations:
DM2 - Your Windows Mate

I've mentioned the Virtual Desktops feature, it's a plugin provided by the same guys. It's like virtual desktops in Linux, you can have many desktops as you want. Really useful to have a life a little sorted.

And finally I can talk about Floating Icons and Minimize to Tray functions.
Floating icons make any application in an icon floating in the screen, always on top. And for Minimize to tray, as it reads, it send any app to the tray.

Configuration window.

I hope this helps someone.

Very cool!
Thank you for your mini-review. There are lots of fans of dm2 here on DC, and i've tried it myself too (when looking for a virtual desktop tool).
It's good software, and i think you covered important points  :Thmbsup:

PS: please don't link the images to imageshack as we never know how much time it'll hold up. Just attach those to the posts itself instead ;)

ok, re-linking images to my review in my site.

really the best is to attach images..  it's really easy.

(maybe we should even block the use of the IMG tag so that we know for sure images wont dissapear, etc.)

mmm.. I'm a moron..

Can't display the attached images.. :S

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