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Web Log Filter - LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.09.01 - Oct 24, 2006


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v1.09.01 - 10/24/06

* Improved new rule wizard 
* Added date filtering 
* Faster date parsing 
* Now skips date calcs when not needed (improves speed) 
v1.08.01 - 10/23/06

* First public release   

NOTE 1: This is a very alpha release of a somewhat tricky-to-use program, so prepare to work a little to get this program working well for you.

NOTE 2: Most people will have no use at all for this tool; it's really only for people running fairly busy websites.

Even though web log filter has not been updated in years, i occasionally feel a need to post about it and thank the author (me) for creating such a useful program.  I only end up using it once a year or so, but it is invaluable when i want to run standard web log analysis programs to look through a couple hundred gigabytes of data.  Web Log Filter let's me first quickly extract the narrow subset of data i care about (whether that's a date range, or only hits on certain matching urls, etc.) and then have a relatively small file i can analyze using existing tools.  :Thmbsup:


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