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Amazing Flash Stickman Shooter Platformer (WPN Fire)


WPN Fire:
This one plays beautifully and is just oozing quality.  Tons of satisfying weapons, tons of shooting, jumping, murder and mayhem.. If you're into that kind of thing. The cartoony graphics, special effects, and audio are some of the best i've seen ever.  Gorgeous.

The game has tons of additional modes of play which are really interesting.. Really quality stuff.  :up:

note: the screenshots don't do this game justice - it's not a single-screen fighter, it's a full adventure with some amazing weapons and cool enemies.  i think this is candidate for one of the most impressive flash games i've player.

If you like this game be sure to check out:

very impressive.

reminds me of 'soldat'

maybe we could have an online game of soldat - it will run over even the slowest of pcs with the slowest of connections.

Liero Xtreme - a real-time (not turn-based) version of Worms

Certainly one of my favorite online multiplayer games.  Some DC members played it together online and mouser was VERY good at killing everybody in chaos.  ;D


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