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DONE: Mouse distance travelled

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How about a little routine that would tell you how far your mouse has travelled?  I've always wondered just how far that little pointer moves in a day.  Also, including the number of keystrokes would be interesting, but not as much as the mouse distance.

It would be nice to be able to enter a monitor size and resolution to get a true distance travelled, but otherwise, just report in pixels.


try, it´s exactly what you want.

not only that but app103, one of the members here, created a donationcoder team at, so you might want to check that out:

Thanks for pointing it out, that what I was thinking of.

Seems strange that this would be an application that requires updating to a server.  Makes me a little cautious about anything that is tracking my every key stroke and sending reports out.  I understand that isn't what the program does, but still a little scary for the security minded people.


i hear ya springro - i'm sure there are non-network fun programs that do this as well just to help keep track yourself..  whatpulse is really trying to make a team sport of it :)


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