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WYSIWYG bb code editor?

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thanks lanux, I saw FASS (never tried)
It looks like it gives you the interface that any website gives you with the advantage of being able to compose offline and preview the post.

But it won't make posting faster (my main goal). I think!

nice find lanux - that could actually come in quite handy, especially if you are writing a long post and are afraid the browser might crash on you.

tks, mouser.. :D

Hi @all,

I was going to come back on this topic in order to see if there is any news on a WYSIWYG bbcode editor.

Actually what I'm looking for would be a very simple editor like FASS that however additionally a) allows to edit in WYSIWYG mode, AND that b) can output simple HTML as well.

Even better would be to use MS Word (shudder) for WYSIWYG composing and in the end convert the document to clean and simple html or bbcode at the touch of a (macro) button!

Any ideas whether this is possible, or whether something similar already exists...?

Thanks already,
Cheers David.P

How about BBCeditor, by our fellow member fenixproductions?


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