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12 Windows Explorer Alternatives Compared

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JavaJones application TC is really fast, even with all the plugins. Try TC powerpack, which comes preloaded with some plugins. It is not going to be easy to find all the power of TC in a day, but you should give it a try.


Well, I'm a happy XYPlorer user, having won it in a recent drawing here. I have hardly even delved into that yet. Nonetheless I do like using the "best" tools, so I'll look at TC one day.

- Oshyan

I actually think the roundup is pretty good.  Yes, it's not in-depth and complete, but it's pretty good for what it is.  I have a sympathetic perspective since writing the notetaking roundup and understanding how much work it is do do a comprehensive review.  I think the file-manager category is even harder to review than notetaking (more programs, more general purpose...nightmare for reviewing).

My two favorite file-managers are Directory Opus and Total Commander.  If I only had to choose one, it would be Directory Opus, because nothing comes close to it's power and customizeability...I dare anyone to find a program with more features.  Total Commander is really fast, but it's not like the other programs are so slow that it makes them unusable.  I've never really understood that argument, unless it applied to really bloated software.  But most of the software on that list are pretty fast and efficient, and a few milliseconds is not going to affect my bottom line decision that much.  Another thing about TC, yes it has tons of plugins, but very little documention, and also, most of those plugins are not of any use to the average joe.  But there are several plugins that are very useful.  Finally, the one feature that made me discover DOpus when I was using TC was the lack of a directory tree.  In DOpus and most of the other programs, you can have a directory tree AND the two panes, but not in TC.

But both programs are fantastic in their own right, and I use both still...however I use DOpus much, much more.  And a lot of those other programs are great also.  This is one of those categories where there are many really great choices, isn't that always great!

PS Navigation, especially keyboard navigation in TC, is the best.  For you keyboard gurus, TC is the app for you.

Well, I'm a happy XYPlorer user, having won it in a recent drawing here. I have hardly even delved into that yet. Nonetheless I do like using the "best" tools, so I'll look at TC one day.

- Oshyan
-JavaJones (October 24, 2006, 03:54 PM)
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Have you figured out how to set it to intercept explorer calls? I still cant find where to set that so that when I type C:\ into the start run prompt or open my computer, it intercepts the call.

Hm, I don't use mouse when using X2... it has plenty of hotkeys. Perhaps not as configurable as TC, but I haven't looked into that - the default hotkeys suit me perfectly :)

And TC doesn't seem faster (at least not when I turn off "extract custom icon overlays" in X2). Fonts etc are configurable in X2 as well.

FireFox, its extensions and speed beats Opera
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FF beats O in number of extensions, but certainly not in speed :)

Wasker, let me ask you something, X2 can search inside mp3 files, for example and give you the encoder used or the bitrate of the file? With TC you can, using Content Plugins.
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That's the kind of stuff I personally hate in a file explorer - and a thing that I used to turn off in WinXP explorer because it annoys the hell out of me.

But it all comes down to how you like using things. I don't like my file management util to handle ftp and archiving, FlashFXP and WinRAR do a better job for me - cetera.

Josh: you'll need to look at HKCU\Directory and HKCU\Folder - be cautious, though, not many explorer replacements are up to the task of being associated with those keys. Even with xPlorer2 there's a few glitches under XP, because of just how much XP uses explorer namespace extensions for lots of management tasks... but it works okay for me.


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