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What's the best image-"framer"?

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Regarding AutoMatting:
1) You need to register before downloading a trial.
2) SetupAutoMattingXP.exe wouldn't install on my XP.
-   Filesize was 66kb, should have been 8½mb.
3) $50 for this one feature is maybe a little too much for me.

But I really like the capability to frame all these vertical-scape images.

- and pretty expensive! No matter the price you have made idImager very interesting to me. I think I will want it for Christma$...   8)-Curt (September 10, 2008, 05:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

Can't argue about its being expensive, though I think IdImager, with its wide range of functions, must be better value than IdFramer alone. And all the other quality DAM (digital asset management) tools are expensive, so IdI is not out of line - probably still rather cheap compared to many. There was a free version (IdI Lite), but unfortunately Hert discontinued it after the paid versions had moved on to v4; can't remember whether that did framing (I assume not since he continued marketing IdF).

try photoscape....its free and fun

Two free plugins for framing - among other goodies:

this is very cool i think

not exactly framing
but more then i expected


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