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Basic Question on Photo Tagging

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Hi Lutz_,

Other programs doing this are IdImager, Studioline Photo, Helicon Photo Safe, Acdsee (I guess only the professional version), ....
-Lutz_ (December 13, 2008, 11:07 PM)
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Which one, in your opinion, will work better with a "huge" collection?
Do they support nested tags and complex searches?
-zevel (October 01, 2009, 11:24 PM)
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might be worth sending Lutz a PM (he probably hasnt seen your post)

FWIW the author of Exifer (that tsaint recommends above for quickly adding tags), well, he says

I can especially recommend IMatch which I've been using for about 3 years now as a database solution for organizing my images. It's not free, but it does almost everything which can be done with images - in other words, in my opinion it's absolutely worth the money!!!
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but I dont know when that recommendation was made...

[edit] although I see CWuestefeld doesnt recommend it above [/edit]

Possibly depends on what you mean by huge.
But IMatch and IdImager can cope with numbers way beyond my imagining. Nested tags, complex searches and much more.
I use IdImager myself. Currently has a new version in beta (can't remember if new users can get access to it) which it might be for some time as full release only tends to come after a beta has been pretty thoroughly tested. A lot of people have switched to using it already.

I downloaded Exifer's successor Geosetter seeing as it's being updated and it seems to work similar to how tsaint described exifer above (with added options re GPS data which can be easily ignored).

With GeoSetter you can tag an image with Category, Supplemental Categories & Keywords
I've never tagged images before so I'm wondering, could I also use the keywords to describe the quality of the image e.g.
People | Family/Occasion/etc. | Person's Name/[RATING]
could even give it a rating e.g. 1 to 5.

Idea being I can later filter by image quality as well as content.
Does that sound feasible ?  :tellme:

(I'm putting the cart ahead of the horse here a bit - I havent even installed software yet that can read tags :-[ maybe I should go do that now, I have an older copy of AcDsee that I think will do as much as I need)


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