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configurable toolbar buttons



how about making the toolbar buttons configurable? if it's too troublesome then i'd like to request for an additional button for this menu item: "Create New Image File from Clipboard Image".

plus, also the ability to add separators for "External Tools" menu. ;)

any thoughts on this, mouser? :huh:

as the toolbar gets bigger i think it might make sense to let people customize it or at least disable ones they dont need.

Create new image file from clipboard image is pretty darn rare for a toolbar button, but i could make a hotkey shortcut for you for it.

separators for external tools, shouldn't be too hard.

just another thought, mouser.
why not move "Create New Image File from Clipboard Image" to Edit menu as "Paste Clipboard Image as New File"? this is consistent with most graphics program. (at least the one i use) :)


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