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Potential new use for quote-books


One of my favorite silly-fun old Dos proggies is Babble (or Bab200), especially using the alternate language styles. What Babble does is parse words from a database together in logical sentence structure but without logical sense. In other words - it babbles away. But it does it in various styles. It can create Shakespearean babble, Dr Seussian babble, Bart Simpsonian babble, etc. It comes with a few databases and at some time or other I found a few more. (Where you find any of it now, I have no idea, and the last time I Searched was a couple years ago). I think it likely that you could easily adapt some of the books from Popup Wisdom to work with it.
However, the reason behind my mentioning this and attempting to peak interest in Babble (not that that is insufficient) is that I've always wished that there was some way to pipe the generated text to a speech app, cause it would be so much more hilarious to have the computer babbling out loud. While there is no shortage of speech apps, as fas as I've found none of them accept outside input except by Cut & Paste (which is enough of a pain to spoil it) or from the clipboard (won't work because it's Dos). I find it very difficult these days to tackle coding (and I was mostly a mainframe guy anyway), but I know lots of you folk seem to like these snacky little challenges - especially for something frivolous like this. Anyone want to give it a go?

this actually provokes me to ask if anyone knows of a free commandline speech reading utility that could be invoked by other programs?


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