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JackAss JoeJoe's Freeware Utilities - Nice Collection

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We've actually mentioned invididual programs from this site before on the form (here and here), but i think the site+author are worth a post by itself.

The programs are donationware so if you like his stuff, send him a donation!

JackAss JoeJoe's Freeware Utilities

The Cost
My programs are freeware. There are no strings attached, no nags, no ads, and no timebombs. Those that enjoy my programs and wish to make a small donation can do so on this website via PayPal. Donations ensure that my programs continue to improve and don't fade away into the void. I've been working on my programs and this site since late 2001 and will continue to do so. Big thanks for all of your support.

My programs are made, fixed, and changed because of user feedback. Don't be afraid to send me a note about a problem, and idea, or just to say hello. The Comment form is at the bottom of every page on this site. I do read my email and I try to answer every one.

--- End quote ---

Arsclip (clipboard tool):

Rename Master:

StartRight (paces startup programs):

i love RenameMaster.

ArsClip is THE clipboard-extender, and I would love for Clipboard Help+Spell to work like ArsClip, with the added bonus of CHS' features, of course!

RenameMaster is awesome, too!

Another vote for ArsClip. It's the best clipboard extender there is. I did a lot of bughunting and testing for JJJ, so I know ArsClip very well. But I also tested several other clipboard progs and always was ArsClip the winner for me. Use it every day   :Thmbsup:

for clip tools, I think clcl and clipx is the best 2 freeware.
both are tiny and powerful.


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