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IDEA: Firefox, Internet Explorer switch font button/selector for printing

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A switch between multiple or just two fonts quickly. I use a bigger size for screen and when I print I now use IE with a smaller font set up. It doesn't support PS fonts which sukks.

I'd like to stay in Firefox, just click a button or a hotkey and print with choice font(s) - I'd like to be able to format the headings and normal text separately, force the fonts.

this is actually a nice idea.  a ff plugin that will change the fonts used only for printing.
maybe someone could remind us of a ff forum where they like doing ff plufins?

here is a good place to start -> MozillaZine Forums. as one of the DC user found out. 8)

I wonder if you could do this with Opera's "styles" - a feature I haven't played with at all actually. I feel fairly sure it was designed for things just like this. Of course that doesn't solve the problem for FF. ;)

- Oshyan

You could probably do this easily using "Page Styles". One for viewing and one for printing.


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