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PopUp Wisdom - LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.09.01 - OCT 23, 2015

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v1.09.01 - October 23, 2015

* [Feature] Added option to display quote at startup time.
* [Feature] Portable zip now uses ConfigDir_Default.ini which is overridden by the presence of a ConfigDir.ini file, so users unpacking the contents won't overwrite any custom ConfigDir.ini  they may have.
* [Feature] Now using a dual package (installer and portable zip), with portable zip preconfigured for portable use.
* [Feature] Installer and executable are now signed.
* [Feature] Option to check for updates at startup.
* [Change] Quote box now hides on mouse-up not mouse-down.
* [Feature] Popup quotes will not auto display (on timer) if there is a screensaver or other full screen application (game) running.
* [Feature] PopUp Wisdom will now auto-detect when a quote file has changed and automatically reload the new changes.
* [Feature] New edit book menu item in popup window.
* [Feature] Better display of info about each quote book in options (file size, etc.).
* [Feature] Added icons in menus.
* [Feature] PopUp Wisdom will now create the default UserQuotes.txt file in the proper user configuration directory (instead of installation directory) on WinVista/7/8.
* [Feature] PopUp Wisdom will now scan for books in BOTH the installed "Books" directory and a create user configuration "Books" on machines where configuration directory is different from installation directory (WinVista/7/8).
* [Feature] Start-after-installation option added for WinVista/7/8.
* [Improvement] Miscellaneous improvements on options dialog.
* [Improvement] Better installed program icon.
* [Improvement] Avoids stealing focus (see options).
* [Improvement] Now much easier to select and preview skin selection, or disable it.
* [Feature] You can now set a custom sound file.
* [Change] The use of a skinned appearance is now disabled by default.


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