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IDEA: Simple timer/Stop watch app.

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A nice quick, neat, timer/stop watch app to help with productivity to allow for timed activity, where you can set it for say an hour and then spend an hour fully focused on one task.

There are a many apps out there that what do this however what I would like to see is this:

A windowless application, with no taskbar or system tray button (it's cluttered up enough!) but that can be shown or hidden by using a hotkey. The interface would be a black rectangle with LED font (green or orange, could be configurable) showing the countdown time. When the time is up, the application needs to take focus and be on top of anything else with the possibility of playing a sound.

Might be nice if it also had the following features:

- Nice GUI for when time is up, rather than a boring message perhaps the timer could appear on screen and shake while playing a ringing noise, like an old fashioned alarm clock! (this would be ace! If someone could get it to work right)

- Basic reminder functions, yes there are plenty of apps out there that do this, but why do we have to have a thousand different apps loaded for all different functions, it would be great if you could add basic reminders by time for that day. So you could remind yourself of events and also what is important etc Like at 3pm wouldn't it be great to get a reminder "Are you working on Project x? You know you really need to do it!"


Well... I've got something better for you.
Check out app's instant boss. It's the best top of the line productivity enhance timer! :D

Yea I use that at the moment, but I was really looking for something I could hide and call when needed, something with a bit neater UI and without the idea of work, break repeat. Something that was a little bit more flexible, and with the ideas for reminders at certain times of the day I thought it would be great!

Another nice feature would be something like a playlist so you could set it a bit like Instant boss with more flexibility, for example run the timer for 30 minutes, then 5 then maybe 45 then 10 or something like that as you cycle through different tasks.

I was really looking for something I could hide and call when needed
-Smarky (October 03, 2006, 05:34 PM)
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In the absence of an app that does exactly what you want, you might take a look at the tiny free/donationware hotkey application HoeKey which can hide and unhide things:

* Hide|WindowClass|1=HideToTray,2=HideFromEverything
    * Hide current or specified application, add to hidden stack. Optionally show in systray. 2=Do not add application to stack (stays hidden even after quitting HoeKey)

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But I'd also suggest you look at Kirby Alarm, which I've heard of but not tried.
Kirby Alarm Freeware
Kirby Software main page
Even the free version might work for you:

Various options are available to set alarms/programs to run every x minutes/hours/days/months/years, or the last Friday in the month, or the last day in the month. You can define intervals such as every 5 minutes, every other day, every second Tuesday of the month, or Monday and Tuesday of every fornight at a given time.. Along with the ability to define intervals, you can also set run times. For example, you could schedule a task to run every 5 minutes but only between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m

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Thank you! I might use this for awhile in the abscence of anything better for the reminder part of what i described.

This is a pretty neat app but it's not at all in the form I was looking for!

It's more a reminder/alarm type app, rather than the timer stop watch idea that i posted about. It's also way to complex in terms of options.

With this you can't have a countdown on screen to see how much you have left. Also when hidden via applications that hide the program, the alarm notice doesn't popup either!


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