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IDEA: Simple timer/Stop watch app.

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It's more a reminder/alarm type app, rather than the timer stop watch idea that i posted about.
-Smarky (October 04, 2006, 05:47 AM)
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I almost suggested "sticky notes"-type applications, but I haven't seen any of them with stopwatch functions.

It's also way to complex in terms of options.

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With this you can't have a countdown on screen to see how much you have left. Also when hidden via applications that hide the program, the alarm notice doesn't popup either!

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With Micro Egg Timer you can have both, although you may have to "pin" it to keep it on top.  On the other hand, it looks way too simple for your needs  :)

Right, something with a little bit nicer and simpler UI that hides the buttons to set the timer in another options screen and only shows the countdown and something that can be hidden of screen and pops into view when the timer is up, added with an ability to set alarms for certain times would just be so darn awesome! i think lots of people would use it. A lot of the timer apps out there just kinda suck!

Hmm, I might take this one. It will be written in C, and I'll add as many of your requested features as possible. Should be done within the next 2 to 3 weeks (or before then, if I'm not busy). And if you have any other ideas/suggestions that'd be great as well, I don't hold back on my Apps and add as many extra features / goodies as possible. Like I said, first release should be within the next 2 to 3 weeks, if not less.  :P

Pretty cool, Sharky!
Then, if i may start the roll of requests...

Configurable Hotkey (to start/stop the counter ;) )!! :D

Sure thing, I'll have a hotkey to start/stop and to show/hide.

Just started writing the window, and I couldn't find a LED font, but I found an LCDd font, just like on most new Alarm Clocks / VCR's. I hope this will do, if not, then send me your suggested font. :P


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