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No Wav selection


Trying Random Mix Tape Maker - I can get Mp3s and Apes but I can't get program to select Wavs. Is this a problem with program or something I'm probably doing wrong?

I'll have to look at it closer a bit later this week.

however, it should work. the code for handling wavs is all there. and i do recall in some of my early tests that the wav stuff was working. make sure you don't have the particular wav files blocked by limitations. just make sure you tick the wav checkbox.

Thanks for relpy - I probably should have noticed this before but my Wavs do not have a time or duration tag (not sure that is correct terminology) as do my apes and mp3s. I think the program needs some kind of time reference to work?

sorry this is taking so long, but i will be posting a new version tonight which fixes the wav issue. (was a silly programming error :( )

but anyway, the durations of wav files (as with others) are not determined by tags but gathered from the audio component used to read these files. there will be no name or year tags of any sort embedded into a wav, so all you'll see is the filename, filesize, and a duration.

thanks for using (and hopefully enjoying) this software. :)


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