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How I'm Becoming Productive


I just thought I would alert you all to a blog post I just made, about GTD and Productivity. Please do comment on there and let me know what you think!  :Thmbsup:

Thanks very much!

Mi productivity set is console-linux based:
mails -mutt
blog - once a week (in Spanish), as a Sunday relax
"todo" files - always .txt in vim.
calendar- wyrd (with remind)
web- Scrapbook the site to see it in a proper time (in that case I use firefox or konqueror)
rss- once a week with akregator.
notetaking- always in .txt in vim.

With that, 80% of my activities are console controlled very quickly using commands. A real time-saver for me, indeed!

lol @ .txt usage.. man you're one nix geek.. i used to be like that.. but i got tired of that and decided to change.  :-[


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