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DONE: Push2Talk

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OK this is my last debug script
 I cant get an hang on ..
 WHY !
on my PC each script loop have a random KEY value!
Sometime it's U sometime is D.

 Please, can you check if the results are the same on your pc??
The value is displayed in the messg box.

 Running the script: please keep the NumPadIns pressed and with the mouse click OK on the messgBox
The script will circle under it and the tooltips will show you where the logical path leeds.

 that goes under "the  wall banging

AlainCh ( head"

I still get the same i did before.. :(
While i keep the key pressed, it's at D, when i release it, it changes to U..

Ok thanks

NO idea whatsover it's happening on my PC ..
While the original one work fine ..
 no way I can make any other key working :-((

I tried as well to change only the Key name into the original script..
 and it start to do the flip flop :-(((

I suppose the "#" before the label means the Win key so I don't use it,
only the shear Keyname "NumpadIns" without the bracket.

Well, going out to work .. will be back in 15 hours
It's now 4pm here :-)) and I work the nite shift :-)
Will be home around 7PM local time :-)

Is there may be a problem with the Keyboard??

I'm not using the Laptop KB, but a normal KB on an MultiPort USB converter
It's a USB docking hub >> in: 3 usb + serial +parallel +mouse +kb +LAN

_________ GOTCHA !!!!!___________

As I was writing, the doubt started to rise .......

NOT having the F12 nor the NPins key on the Laptop KB I tried the  " ì " key
and ...
It worked fine on the laptop KB but started to flip flop as soon I used the Normal KB !!!!

The reason of the behavior is the converter/usb docking .. I suppose its not able to send a continuous string to the PC.
 That explain as well why I mistype so much .. loosing some letters while I type too fast. Finally .... I will be a better typer!!

 Many thx for Your support..
Now I know that it will work with the right key(board)!!

I'm really a fast typer with only

Alainch ( 2 fingers

 ;D ;D At least now you've got it working in your main keyboard.. And you know you need to get a new keyboard :P

Also it's good that the good keyboard is the one on the laptop, that'd be way harder to replace ;)


Yes true !!

Anyway ..... my laptop has only ONE port for the mouse !
NO kb port :-))

I will find an easy key .. on top

AlainCh ( of my lap TOP !!!

 ;D :D ;D :D ;D :D ;D  :D ;D  :Thmbsup:


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