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DONE: Make window transparent when moving it.

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No, no, jgpaiva, I downloaded your app and it's ok...
-Blaster (October 01, 2006, 03:39 AM)
--- End quote ---
:-[ :-[ Sorry, i misread your post and understood you were cheeaun  :-[ :-[

cheeaun: are you the phoenity guy, by any chance?

you meen the transparent view that microsoft made in there os which makes the window transparent when you drag it, slowing down a slow computer?
edit: you know, that may have just been somthing added by nvidia... my bad

jgpaiva, I know you haven't played with this in FOREVER, but I very much like this app. The only issue I ran into is that it won't automatically make the next window you click transparent, it only works for the currently highlighted window, whether it is the one clicked while holding control or not. It would be really nice if the transparency followed the click and wasn't locked to the currently active window.

Hi dragon788!
Unfortunately, I can't compile the script right now as I'm now a Mac user. However, if someone is able to compile the script, I've attached the .ahk version with the fix you requested to this post.

ps: another option is for you to install autohotkey and just run the file I attached to this post.


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