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Are you satisfied with BDS 2006 (Turbo C++) IDE ??


I can't say i'm satisfied with BDS 2006 (Turbo C++) IDE

I personaly like Borland 6 IDE more.

--I like palettes more where they where in BCB 6. That way they take less of valuable work space and it was easier to work with them .

--Also, the thing i like in BCB 6 is that I can freely move Forms where ever i like on desktop...In BDS 2006 and Turbo C++ Forms are "static".Something like in VB?? I think this is really bad!It's easier to work with Forms you can move where ever you like....Why did they made it static?

Because of these things , no matter how big your screen is, with new IDE you never get enough space...
"Structure","Object inspector", "Project manager" and "Tool Palette" take allmost half of screen!! I really think that there is no need for this!
I have a TFT monitor, 17' with 1280 x 1024 resolution and i'm allways short in work space. This has never happened to me in BCB 6 ....

Is there a way to set BDS 2006 (Turbo C++) to look like BCB 6?? :-(

Which IDE do YOU like better, and why?

i think i read you can make bds behave more like bcb6, can't remember where though.
if you figure it out let us know.

personally i am used to bcb6 more still, but i expect its more a matter of getting used to it.

I have to agree with you. I like BCB 6 interface better. It's much easier to use. I am used to it. When I used BDS2006 demo, I simply could not get used to it. The space is more limitted.  The very first veresion of BCB I have used is BCB 3 and the interface is pretty much the same as BCB 6. When my BDS2006 expired, I decided to buy BCB 6 because BDS2006 was not available and I managed to use and do development without the features of 2006 BDS. I started SkyIDE on the BDS2006 demo which ran for 30 days and before it expired I purchased BCB 6 Standard and later on I entered the contest :) Of course, downgrading the project was a pain. I had to copy/paste entire code literally and redraw the interface. Once I get BDS2006 Enterprise, I will upgrade the project :)

hahahaaha  ;D ;D
I'm just imagining all you guys who won the bds putting them on the shelf and using bcb6  :o

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